Sunday, July 5, 2015

Lazy Sunday

A leisurely stroll from my house is the quaintest little cafe called Carolina. They decided to keep the antiquated exterior window which still has the logo from the shops past inhabitants, Italian shoe repairers. There is no signage designating the cafe's name, and it is not until you look through the glass window that you realise that it is a cafe. Inside are booths and well dressed waiters/waitresses that greet you with vague smiles. 

I met up with my friends and we spent a few hours in the beautiful courtyard, adorning ourselves with crocheted granny blankets to evade the cold and slowly sipping our coffees. Outside in the courtyard people bring their dogs, and the wooden fences are covered by green vines. It has a really good vibe, and it was begrudgingly after the manifold conversations that often accompany coffee dates that we went our separate ways.  

I stayed with my friend P for a while, following her to her seven person share house very close to the cafe. The door has a delicate stained glass window and the hallway smells of incense.  We drank lukewarm green tea from cocktail glasses (she is classy like that) and chilled with her roommates for a while. I then left to come home and further enjoy the remainder of Sunday within the solace of my room.