Friday, July 3, 2015

My first Foray into Blogging.

I am twenty one now, and finally the days of aimlessness and anxiety that often accompanied my journey studying an arts degree are behind me. I am free. No longer do I serve the whims of an educational institution, but I am able to study the subjects that I wish to gain knowledge on. Rather than spending my days writing essays for highly erudite albeit overworked professors, I can spend my time writing my own work/pursuing creative endeavours that will not bring down my GPA.  

I’ve consistently wanted to start a blog, to voice my thoughts and my photography in an open place, but I was always overcome with the belief that nothing I wrote or published had any credence within any type of public arena. 

Plagued by continuous insecurities regarding the worthiness of my work, I could never write outside of university without fear of judgement. It’s not until recently through majoring in literature and becoming friends with fellow writers/students that I want to write to share with others rather than write purely for my own prosaic enjoyment. 

I am inspired by the countless Swedish blogs that I follow, namely Sara's and Flora's and as such I want Elleven to be a place to share my life, thoughts and recommendations of life in Melbourne, as well as books, movies and travel without any pretentiousness. I hope with time this blog can serve as a relic of my life as well as potentially helping others to think differently.