Friday, July 3, 2015


Winter in Melbourne is characterised by the biting coldness of the nights, and the crisp blue skies that accompany (most) of the days. Breathing is easier in winter, the trees heaving a sigh of relief from the temporary estrangement from their leaves. Walking through the city streets is calming, the throngs of tourists and wanderers considerably less than the summer. Exhaling creates misty smoke in the winter air. 

Staying inside is no longer a guilt worthy endeavour, the freezing cold compelling people to stay at home rather than brave the winter chills. The ephemeral warmth that direct sunlight delivers is worthy of accolade. There is sometimes nothing better than closing your eyes and feeling the polar sensations of cold and warmth upon your face. Lining up for a coffee at the local cafe, the interior a temporary oasis of warmth from the frosty streets. 

The taste of a well made coffee warming your bones as you open the door, re-emerging into the glacial air. The sun melts into the dusky darkness of the evening, tinting the sky.  Returning home after braving the cold, the heat greeting your face as you walk through the door. The warmth emitted from the lights creates a cosy glow, whilst outside the window hugs the coldness closer.

Melbourne Town Hall

G.P.O building from Elizabeth Street

The beautiful Manchester Unity Building