Friday, July 24, 2015

Women of Letters

On yet another mildly hungover Sunday, I slowly awoke, head pounding and the desire to leave the confines of my bed minimal. However, I had already planned to meet a friend in Northcote and attend an event called Women of Letters, so around midday I forced myself to wake up and eventually leave my house.

I met my friend at Herbert Cafe, one of my favourite cafes, it is next to Northcote station on a carpark, there are plants and lots of birds that live close by and often linger around the outside area of the cafe. It is away from the hustle of high street, and I liked sitting outside and watching nature and urban intersect.

After enjoying our respective caps and really good tea based chai, we left to walk down high street to the Regal Ballroom. There was a long line waiting to enter the venue so we made a quick detour to Yesteryear, a vintage warehouse  that just happened to be having a sale that day.

Then, thirty minutes late, we made  it to the event.

Women of Letters featured the voices of five prominent women penning letters "To the time I just knew". They all spoke about memories that were close to them, and made me think about the art of letter writing and how it is vanishing from the contemporary sphere.

My favourite was the voice of Cyndi Darnel, a sex and relationship therapist who decided to focus on her trip to Estonia during the 1980's. Having recently experienced my own solo trip to Europe, her difficulty travelling around Eastern Europe as a young woman made me recognise the extent that Europe has changed in a positive way over the decades, but also that the memories created whilst travelling tend to stay with the person, despite the barrage of many years.

Although the other speakers were also notable, hearing letters from prominent journalist Patricia Karvelas, the world's first female/male model Casey Legler, actress/singer/entertainer Debra Byrne and revered queer symbol Whiskey Hostoun, it is Cyndi's that resonated with me the most.

I thoroughly enjoyed women of letters and urge anyone interested in writing to attend.

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