Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Lazy Mondays at the cinema

Cinemas around Melbourne, most notably Cinema Nova and The Palace Cinemas have elected Monday as the day to see film at a considerably lower price. Despite the lethargy that winter Mondays provide, myself and a few friends Iss and Alex went down to see Iris (2014) at the Nova. For only eight dollars we experienced the enjoyment of watching a film on the big screen, our attention wholeheartedly on the movie without distraction.

Before the movie we devoured gelato at Pidapipó. The store is potentially my favourite gelato place in Melbourne,  mostly because I love their signage and the fact their staff have Italian accents. Unlike a typical gelato store, they store their gelato in stainless steel pozzetti as a means of keeping it as fresh as possible, so all gelato is covered until you make a decision or decide to sample a flavour. While the typical rainbow of gelato flavours are covered by steel at Pidapipó, the interior layout of the store is full of colour and I enjoy going in there and soaking up the colourful vibes.  I really like the dairy free watermelon flavour and keep choosing that one despite the array of equally appetising flavours. Nothing beats watermelon. 

After inhalation of our respective ice creams' we went down to the Nova to see Iris, a documentary directed by 87 year old Albert Maysles (now deceased) about Iris Apfel, a woman of 93 years (as of publication ) and a beacon of individuality in a society of homogeneousness. 

Instead of adhering to the typical fashionista uniforms, Iris inspires through her audacious but successful use of colour, texture and unique attire to create art through her outfits. Humorous and honest, the documentary follows her around in her day to day but very busy life in New York, providing background to Iris's life and her influence on others through her vivacious creativity and wit. An inspiration to many, she spurns traditional expectations of dressing to create her own unique style that has become an iconic style in itself. 

After watching the film, I felt inspired to become more confident in my fashion choices, and see my fashion more so as personal expression and art, rather than a uniform to adhere to in order to fit into the streets of Melbourne. I really enjoyed the film and would recommend seeing it if you are interested in fashion or charismatic characters.