Tuesday, September 8, 2015

CERES recycled bicyles

Costing much less than purchasing a new bike, CERES environment park, located in the East Brunswick/Northcote area offers the opportunity for people to choose a second-hand bike out of the diverse array available, and (with the help of volunteers) fix them so that they are rideable again. All up including a one year CERES membership fixing the bike I selected cost $40, but also the time it took over many weeks to slowly fix the bike with the help of the friendly Ceres Bike Shed volunteers.

Perry's bike, priced at $30. She is still fixing it. She may never finish but I remain optimistic.

My bike that I finally finished! 

It takes confidence to go over there alone, so if you are interested in getting a bike from the bike shed I recommend bringing an eager friend with you and you can fix your bikes together.

 I went with my friend Perry for a couple of weeks every Friday and we definitely experienced a few hiccups but eventually, with (mostly) the help of the volunteers I was able to use my acquired bike know-how to adjust the brakes and get my bike to a rideable level. It still isn't perfect (I need to go back and adjust the bearings), but it's pretty satisfying working on the bike yourself and understanding the mechanics of how a bike works.

It may have taken a little while but I was finally able to ride my not so new bike home!

Ceres Environment Park
Recycled Bicycles (Open Friday, Saturday and Sunday only)