Saturday, September 26, 2015

Elle in Elwood

On a sunny yet cold Friday I caught the train down to the other side of the city in Elwood to see my friend Issy and distract myself from the misgivings of my own life at the moment. It worked very well and I was reminded how apt the cliche 'laughter is the best medicine' really is.

Down the strip of shops in Elwood is a cafe called Combi which has quite the following on Instagram (46,000 and counting). It was surprisingly small considering its online popularity and as a result we decided that instead of trying to find a seat in the busy venue, we would get take away and go down to the beach.

In theory this was a splendid idea, but in reality the Melbourne wind was cold and biting. Luckily we had the remainders of our coffees and a sparkling ocean view to keep us somewhat warm. Both of us ordered the semi-famous Combi Acai bowl, a very aesthetically pleasing but confusing meal that in the words of my friend Perry, I deemed 'not bad, but also not good'. 

What exactly is an Acai bowl? To this day I don't know, nor do I really care, but the meal lacked any substance whatsoever. It was literally a (not overly appetising) smoothie in a bowl with some fruit and unidentified health products on the top. It was a very Elwood sort of meal, and I am not an Elwood type of girl so ultimately, we just didn't work.

We also shared a hazelnut and cranberry "meringue", made out of all natural ingredients and we were once again very confused as to what it was. It certainly was not a meringue. A pseudo-meringue maybe. Is a meringue really a meringue if there is no sugar or egg? Can you truthfully refer to something as a particular entity if it has none of the precepts that define that particular entity as itself? That is the question. 

Nonetheless we both ate the meals we purchased so this is hardly a scathing review, more a confused and sceptical one. 

We spoke of walking down the water, feeling the crush of sand beneath our feet, but alas two hours went by rooted (joyfully) to the bench where we talked and looked confusedly at our food. I also became weirdly obsessed with Issy's Rayban sunglasses, with a marvellous yellow/green tint that can be seen on the last image on this post. 

Life has been really weird recently but getting out, seeing the ocean and a close friend made it so much easier to handle. 

Shop 1/140 Ormond Road, Elwood