Monday, September 21, 2015

How to be a stinge

Travelling around Europe on my lonesome for two months, I was heavily dependant on money I had borrowed rather than money I had earnt. Landing myself in that somewhat stressful situation lead me to trying to save money where I could by becoming a frugal traveller. This mainly comprised of me eating a lot of cheese sandwiches rather than paying for lunch when I was out and about.

I have always been somebody who cares about saving money, although I have eased up significantly during this year as I realised how being frugal (read: stingy) is not an attractive trait. Even so, I still use these tips to save me money and thought I would pass them on to you.

1. Buy a monthly myki/public transport card if you travel a lot (i.e. usually more than four days per week)

2. Instead of buying barista quality coffee all the time, occasionally go to 7/11 for their $1 coffees.

3. If you don't care about the quality/taste of the alcohol you drink, $2.80 Aldi wine for the win/any other liquor Aldi sells. The cider is also decent.

4. If you are planning on a night out then bring alcohol in a flask or water bottle rather than buying exorbitantly priced drinks.

5. Don't buy meals and instead bring pre-made meals from home most of the time. Some ideas are sandwiches or soup (I became known as the soup lady at work for a while because I always had cans of soup at lunchtime)

6. If you want a cheap meal then Lentils for Anything in Abbotsford is amazinngggg. It is a pay as you feel organisation at the Abbotsford Convent that serves an array of vegan and vegetarian food. Great if you have little money. But don't be stingy and not pay at all. Not cool.

7. If you are going to a club and there is cheap entry before a certain time, then they usually they give pass outs. If they do then go in before that time, get stamped and leave to avoid paying entry.

9. Invite people to your house for dinner rather than going out for dinner. Same goes for pre-drinks.

10. Buy second hand clothing - better quality and cheaper than buying new clothing.

11. Make the most of hard rubbish nights. Certain councils elect for residents to leave their discarded furniture etc. on the curb for collection. You can find some really good stuff that way!

12. Get a library membership rather than buying books - also means you have access to wifi without needing to pay for a coffee at a cafe.

13. Buy tinnies/bulk alcohol to save money.