Monday, September 21, 2015

Serotonin Cafe

Yesterday was a day graced by a sun that has been far too absent over the last few months. I made the  most of it by going to a cafe called Serotonin, a bustling eatery located in a quiet part of Burnley and opposite a small park. 

The cafe is built conceptually around the idea of feeling happy. Hence the name Serotonin - a neurotransmitter commonly associated with feelings of wellbeing and happiness. Adhering to the philosophy that healthy food is the best kind of food, the predominantly plant-based meals at Serotonin are sourced from local farmers, organic where possible and additive free. This means healthy food that aims to lift people up rather than weigh them down.  

Starting with a coffee emblazoned with a a smile and the sun shining down on us in the courtyard, how could we be in anything but good spirits? 

While I ordered the pumpkin and olive brushetta with an added egg, the others decided to order the foremost item on the menu, the nutrition bomb. 

The pumpkin and olive bruschetta with egg

A rainbow plethora of different vegetables as well as home-made hummus and a single egg, the meal whilst nourishing was borderline too healthy (if that is possible) for my own appreciation. 

While conceptually desirable, a plate full of vegetables is not a meal well-suited to Sunday brunch, except for those who truly adore the holistic lifestyle

The Nutrition Bomb

After eating our meals we ordered some somewhat underwhelming take-away coffees and went down to the park, soaking up some much needed vitamin D whilst lying on the grass. 

Alex took a poloroid of Iss, adding it to her collection of polaroids. These photos are of people she deems worthy of photographing, whether they are friends or just memorable characters she has met throughout her life. Flicking through the album and hearing the stories from each photo is interesting, especially since polaroid pictures really reflect the nuances of people's characters. The camera lens capturing in a single moment a certain type of vulnerability that a digital camera is unable to capture the same way. 

In the album there are faces and moments I recognise, but also some people I have never met and will never know except for Alex's recollections. 

After lunch I went down to Fitzroy/Collingwood to meet my friend Linsday for a drink, we went to the Gaso and sat, refreshingly alone, in the smokers area where we drank but didn't smoke.

Adorned with beautiful flowers and a paste up of an octopus, the surrounds were top notch except for the slight lack of sunlight. Drinking a combination of cider (for me) and beer (lindsay) we caught up/discussed politics/bad poetry/life in general. Sunday was a good day.

Shazamming the tunes 

52 Madden Grove, Burnley, Richmond