Sunday, October 4, 2015

That time we made bread

Many months ago, my friend Issy and I spoke of our dream of making our own home made bread from scratch. Finally, we decided to meet and enact upon on our idea.

 However, bread involving yeast takes a couple of hours to rise, time that we didn't have. Instead of making traditional bread, we found a yeast free version called Irish soda bread. 

Naïvely we worked together to make it, imagining the smell of bread rising (which unfortunately requires yeast) filling the kitchen, and our bread tasting like the golden hued goodness purchased at a bakery.

We were wrong. Soda bread tastes like damper. It's extremely dense, its yellow and it is no comparison with the real deal. 

We did have a few slices as once it was covered with butter it was definitely edible, but it just wasn't what we had hoped for after all these months of wishful thinking.

I took the loaf home with me, hoping with time I would grow to love the bread, but it disappeared from the kitchen counter in mysterious circumstances. I may never know what happened to our culinary creation but I wasn't overly attached to it anyway.

Despite the lack of yeast making for some disappointing dough, we had a good time making the bread, playing music and working together to make something (visually) beautiful.

To accompany the bread we whipped up some mushroom soup, which turned out to be the culinary highlight of the day. 

It was just the first recipe that came up on google, and all it involved was fried mushrooms and onion, stock and water. It was divine and worked especially well with parsley and parmesan. I'm proud of the soup we made but next time i'll stick to the traditional bread recipes (and allow more time so that the dough can rise).

Irish soda bread recipe (do not actually make)