Friday, November 20, 2015

Industry Beans

When asked what contributes to lasting happiness, could the opportunity to spend time with close friends in environments such as Industry Beans be the answer? Often the best times are those spent good company, saying much, doing little and drinking well made coffee. It's a universally enjoyed activity and it's made all the better in Melbourne by the abundance of quality cafes.

On a lazy Monday, I walked down to Industry Beans in Fitzroy and met up with my friend Iss and her sister Till who were already sitting in the sunny outside area and ordered my usual, an apparently 'less cool' option in comparison with the myriad filtered varieties they offered. Despite the waiters derision, my love for cappuccinos is staying strong amid the tide of coffee trends we are experiencing at the moment.

On to our second coffees however and I felt ready to (temporarily) let go of my loyalty and try something new. I ordered the coffee soda and Iss decided to order the combined cold drip and cold brew, which was two glass bottles of filtered coffee, both with different tastes and origins. The soda, which was coffee mixed with carbonated water, some ice and a hint of lemon was surprisingly nice and suited the warmth of the day well. Iss' cold brew was good, although in my borderline blasphemous opinion it tasted better with milk.

We didn't order food that day but spent a lot (maybe too much) of our time ogling other peoples meals in awe. All in all a good day and potentially the answer to happiness. 

Industry Beans
3/62 Rose Street, Fitzroy