Friday, November 20, 2015

Bright skies in Brighton

Just a twenty minute train ride on the Sandringham line is arguably one of the best beaches in Melbourne, Brighton Beach. A few days ago I went over to Brighton to see my friend Sara who resides in that side of town, and we ended up walking down there as part of our day.

Once we reached the ocean, we were greeted with panoramic views of the city, sparkling blue water and a considerably more calming atmosphere than beaches closer to the city centre. 

The beach also has its own distinct variety of beach boxes along the foreshore that are painted in a myriad of different colours and patterns, which I'm sure on busy days are actually used by those lucky enough to own or rent one (oh how the other half live). 

It wasn't warm enough to swim, so instead we contemplated buying ice cream (or a hot dog in Sara's case) from the ice cream van, walked along the shore and occasionally stopped at any beach boxes that we liked and took photos in front of them. I felt like a tourist, something you don't often feel in your home city, but sometimes it's nice to see Melbourne from an outsiders perspective and I enjoyed travelling to an area I hadn't really explored before. 

There is a unique quality about the beach that makes me feel instantly more relaxed, and I had fun chatting and walking along the golden hued sand until we had walked enough, our legs aching, and made our way home. On our trip back we saw not only ducks relaxing on the perfectly landscaped lawns, but also the cutest bunny in somebodies front garden.

What a place!