Saturday, December 19, 2015

Having an Easey Sunday

Located down a side street in Collingwood surrounded by a plethora of graffiti and street art, Easey's couldn't have picked a better location.While the venue has multiple levels, the real glory of Easey's is their 1978 Hitachi train carriage that has been converted into a restaurant. (Although seen from above there are three train carriages, only one is for Easey's. The other two are for other purposes including being a ostensibly very hip office.)

Serving drinks and food, the restaurant provides a rare opportunity to eat a meal within a train carriage accompanied with great views of the surrounding suburbs of Collingwood. The novelty of this provided an added level of excitement to the already exciting prospect of buying burgers on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

It was the burgers themselves that provided our only disappointment during our visit to Easey's. The formula to a good burger is one that seems simple but is oft miscalculated. According to many conversations on this topic, the correct formula is a good bun (brioche or similar level of deliciousness) + patty (meat or not meat) + rich cheddar cheese + perfect sauce ratio + good size. The bun was the main failure in this equation. Although my burger had the added extra of a dim sim within it, something I wholeheartedly support, the burger just wasn't that great. Especially in comparison with the array of burger joints in the area.