Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Zero Gravity

It was in the midst of a very cliche existential crisis that I decided to go to the Gravity Flotation Centre in Northcote. I hoped that the session would provide me with a sense of calm and allow me an uninterrupted period of time so that I could think deeply about my own life. 

In some ways the flotation tank experience did provide this but in some ways it just worsened my feelings of crisis by raising more questions that I don't yet have answers too. I'm not sure if this was a positive or negative outcome but I think my expectations of finding direction in life and inner clarity were a bit much for a one hour session in what is literally a bath full of epsom salt.

Overall it was a pleasant experience. You get a room to yourself with a shower and a massive futuristic pod of tepid water that you lie in for the chosen time period. Floating without any conscious effort your body is half submerged in water, half in air giving you this feeling of levitating. Most of the hour is spent in silence with the pod lid closed and the lights off. There is a button on the left which alerts staff to any issues and a button on the right to control the lights. If you want them to stay on that's an option too but for the complete experience it's better to be immersed in total darkness. 

The senses are deprived so that your thoughts are compelled to fill the emptiness. They go from one direction to another and you let them as you have nothing else to do but think. Allowing thoughts to spring to mind that otherwise would most likely be suppressed or ignored. It's an opportunity to relax and ponder without distraction which is a rarity in the modern technological age. It made me realise why meditation is so highly revered because it allows people an opportunity to disconnect in a society that is constantly connected. 

Would I go again? Yes if I could afford more sessions. It's a cool thing to experience and I'm glad I went. I just wish it provided more answers to what I'm doing with my life. Maybe I should have done the two hour session instead...

Gravity Flotation Centre Northcote

559 High Street Northcote