Monday, September 12, 2016

NYC Guide - Brooklyn

Alex and I stayed in Brooklyn for most of our stay in New York at the New York Loft Hostel. It had a great location between Bushwick and Williamsburg amongst all the derelict buildings and happening New Yorkers. I didn't realise how large the borough of Brooklyn is and I'm sure I didn't make the most of it enough when we were there, but ten days go by so quickly in a place like New York. 

Williamsburg Bridge
I've written about this before in a previous post where Alex and I spent the day exploring Greenpoint. It's a cool bridge to take photos at due to it's pink paint work. 

Coney Island
Coney Island is a strange place. It's known for it's collection of small theme parks by the pier, but the past their prime theme parks aren't the highlight there. Instead it's the opportunities for people watching at the beach, going for a quick swim then realising the sea water just isn't that great and being surrounded by these eerie towers that contrast darkly with the bright colours of the amusement park.

It's about an hour away by subway (Brooklyn is huge!) so it takes a while to get there but it's a cool experience to visit there, walking along the pier and seeing New York by the seaside. We ate at Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs which served hot dogs with this weird yellow cheese that they squeeze out of a sauce bottle. 1/10 flavour wise and the thought of those hot dogs made us shudder for weeks after, mainly because of the artificial cheese. 

Peter Pan Donut and Pastry Shop
This place is featured on HBO's Girls. It's in Greenpoint in a Polish end of town and has pastel colouring and is in an old school diner style. They serve cold brews, coffee and cheaply priced donuts. A police officer came in and bought a donut, and I felt like I was really in america. It was one of those moments where I felt like the Simpsons and all its American cliches had come to life.

Vinnies Pizzeria
I've also written about this in a previous post, it's a great pizza shop with heaps of 90's themed pizza memorabilia all over the walls. 

Smorgasborg Food Market
Typical food truck market where you walk around for ages trying to find the best/least overpriced food truck, then you queue up for ages, then you get your food and find somewhere to sit down and wonder why you spent so much on this weird burger thing when you don't even get table service/a place to sit. The view of Manhattan at Bushwick Inlet Park where the market is located makes up for it though.

The view!

AP cafe
Everyone here was on their laptops except us making a ruckus. I definitely think cafe culture is different in the states, more about escaping your apartment to work then lazily caching up with friends for conversation like it is in Australia.

Alex, Issy and I
Cafe Grumpy
Also featured on the television show Girls as character Ray's very subpar coffee shop, and that's exactly what it looks like! I didn't actually go in just took a few photos and moved on. 

Beacon's Closet
Massive thrift store where they make you stash away your bag behind the counter (hate doing that). Most of it isn't that great but I'm sure if you spent 4827484 hours here you would find something good. 

Awoke Vintage

Catbird  Clothing

Brooklyn Flea
This flea market is located in a nice area of town and has some great stores. It's worthwhile checking out, I just couldn't buy anything because the exchange rate sucked at the time :'(

McCarren Park
Bushwick Inlet park