Saturday, October 15, 2016

Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco is one the most visually appealling places I’ve ever travelled too.

golden gate bridge

 The Victorian style houses decorating the city reflect the wealth of San Francisco after the mid 1800s gold rush and have made it known for its colourful and diverse architecture.

san francisco houses

The colourful houses that line the streets are made even better by the dark blue bay in the distance seen whenever you are on the top of a hilly street and occasionally the roll of a old street car passing you by.

san francisco houses

san francisco houses
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Unlike other cities in America such as Los Angeles where everything is so spread out and a car is a necessity to get around easily, San Francisco is a city for walking. It's so easy to walk from place to place or catch the streetcars throughout the city to your destination. 

san francisco houses

In particular the F market & wharves historic streetcar route features different streetcars from various American cities and eras. It’s fun seeing the differing styles of streetcars that go along the route, never knowing quite what to expect and surprised that they are still fully operational despite their many years of use. 

old street car san francisco

San Francisco is city you can explore for hours while making the most of the many eateries, stores and city sights such as the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, often covered by immense grey fog, as well as buildings such as the emerald green Columbus building building and the triangular Transamerica Pyramid in the city center. 

Transamerica Pyramid
The Transamerica Pyramid is the triangular building in the distance

There is plenty to do in San Francisco such as doing a tour around the island prison of Alcatraz, seeing the amazing views at Twin Peaks as well as the Coit tower which is well worth the steep climb up the stairs and walking down Lombard street, the most well-known street in San Francisco.

Alcatraz island
On the way to Alcatraz


American flag


Other things to do in San Francisco include the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and Pier 39, a waterfront destination with shops and occasionally sea lions as well as the different districts that make up San Francisco such as the rainbow flag adorned The Castro district and Haight-Ashbury which has a small American town vibe. 

The Castro district

Rainbow flag San Francisco House
Rainbow American Flag at the Castro district
Drinking coffee at a cafe
At a cafe with a friend

beautiful san francisco houses
Lombard Street

San Francisco is worth travelling to not just to see the world famous Golden Gate Bridge in person but also just to experience a place that is so beautiful and full of history.