Monday, December 11, 2017

Away: Lake Eildon, Victoria

Sunrise at Lake Eildon

Why don't we go away more often?
It doesn't need to be far, in fact it can be close.
As long as it's somewhere else, somewhere other that isn't the always.
Why do we have to wait for the best time, for the right time?

Why not just go?

I spoke to someone on the phone, for work. She said she was waiting, always waiting, to go away. The time to go came close, and then, as you would expect, her life fell apart.

Now, she can't go anywhere.


I went away to Lake Eildon recently. A strange choice for some.

"You're going where?"

I liked it there. It was quiet. You could see these birds when you went outside, with large red plumes, perched on the veranda. Coming from the city, they looked exotic, as I had never seen them before, and yet at the same time, so familiar. So Australian.

You need a car there, in Lake Eildon. To go far, to get almost anywhere, you need to drive. Driving up the cliffs, searching for waterfalls, for a nice view of the lake. Driving.

Shaking my legs, back on the ground. I prefer to walk. You can go nowhere but take in so much more.

I remember the creek, the water mossy green and brown tinged with the sky's blue.

The aged tree reaching out, its arms greeting the water. A handshake.

We adventured away to a place where the fear of snakes slithering through the grass to our legs was not enough of a deterrent to stop us. We walked to an area where for that moment, we had the world unoccupied.

Eventually, as the sun began to fade and our surroundings became increasingly finite, we left.