Saturday, January 13, 2018

Holidaying in Wilsons Prom, Victoria

Norman Beach, Wilsons Prom, Victoria
There's a special feeling on the eve of a new year. There's a collective sense of anticipation, and after midnight strikes of exhilaration. 

Together, we shout happily, "Happy New Year!" to strangers and friends alike. 

One year has ended and the other has just begun. 

The early hours of midnight, and for some time afterward are ripe with opportunity and potential before the year becomes more and more set in stone.

There is a level of uncertainty. What will the year bring? Will it be better? What will I do? 

Questions that each day will soon answer.

I spent my New Years in a (relatively) remote area of Victoria, in an area called Wilson's Promontory (Wilsons Prom), or actually, in Yanakie, a neighbouring town. This is because the camping spots in Wilsons Prom are so sought after during New Years they had sold out two months prior.

Wilsons Prom is a large stretch of parkland located southeast of Melbourne that provides a variety of different areas to explore.

This includes the well-known Squeaky Beach, which has sand with grains so fine that they squeak if you walk on them the right way. As well as Norman Beach, a lifesaver patrolled beach with strong waves that are fun to swim against or with depending on your preference and swimming ability.

There is also the Melba Gully walking track, referred to as a 'rainforest' walk, which provides coastal views at certain parts of the hike.

Tongue Point, Wilsons Prom, Victoria
While staying on the grounds of Wilsons Prom would have been preferable, Yanakie was still a nice place to stay and was in easy driving proximity to the park.

We stayed in a rented cottage opposite plots of land filled with nothing but grass and rolls of hay, and the house next door had a flock of sheep in their backyard.

Exactly the serenity we were after.

New Years was spent in good company with good food, music and surroundings.

A perfect way to begin 2018.

Norman Beach, Wilsons Prom, Victoria